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Home Study and Parental Co-Operation  
Parents will readily understand that a good amount of study and serious home study is required for success. So they will see that at least four hours of study are put in by the students of Stds. VIII-XII and an hour less for students of lower classes.
Private tuitions are discouraged and should be resorted to only after consulting the Principal. No teacher will be allowed to tutor his/her own students, nor students of standards or classes where he/she teaches.
Reports of a studentís conduct and progress will be given from time to time in the School Calendar. Parents are expected to make note of these reports, as also of the Examination results and to confer with the Teachers and the Principal occasionally. Parents/ Guardians may meet the staff members as stipulated under school hours or by previous appointment is advisable.
When Parents inquire or write concerning their wards they should mention the standard in which they study Ďat present.
Parents or guardians must not visit their child or teacher in the class-rooms without obtaining prior permission of the Principal.
Parents or guardians are requested to read the rules thoroughly and abide by them and any other rule which may later be introduced in the interest of the student and the institution.
The Calendar should be brought to school every day. Parents should carefully go through the Calendar daily and sign the remarks.
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