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Examination and Promotions  
The Government of Gujarat has introduced Semester System in Class IX : 2011-12 and Class : VIII Gujarati medium in 20114-15.
School based Constructive and Comprehensive Evaluation (SCE) is the core of this new system.
Greater justice is meted out to assess a student's ability and performance.
Semester - I : June to October
Semester - II   November to April
SCE by continuous evaluation and there are four Formative Assessments, two in each Semester. Each Formative Assessment may have four to five activities on the basis of which students will be evaluated. Each Formative Assessment is for 10 marks for a total of 40 marks. it is desirable that students remain present during the course of Evaluation. Activities may be projects, charts, discussions etc. At the end of each Semester a formal exam - Summative Assessment (SA) will be taken. The exam will be of 60 marks that will be reduced to 30 marks for report card.
For Miscellaneous Subjects like Computer Science, Physical Training, Drawing, the above system will be followed but only grades/indicators will be awarded.
Students must remain present for Summative Assessment.
Report Card will be given only once at the end of the year.
This system will result in a detailed and balanced evaluation of each student throughout the year.
STD. : I to IX
  SEM -I   SEM -II
2 FAs- 10+10 Marks 2 FAs- 10+10 Marks
SA – I 30 Marks (October) SA -II 30 Marks (April)
TOTAL : 50 Marks TOTAL : 50 Marks
Exam papers for both SA's will be of 60 marks and result will be reduced to 30 marks for report card.
STD. : X
Although there is no Semester System in Std. X, the above pattern of SCE is followed with slight variation.
All FAs and SAs comprise 5 marks - Total 30 marks.
At the end of October SA-I is taken; a 100 marks paper to be reduced to 5 marks.
In January SA-II (Prelim Exam) is taken; a 100 marks paper reduced to 5 marks
The Board Exam in March will be a 100 marks paper reduced to 70 marks :
30 Marks (School) + 70 Marks (Board) = 100 Marks Total
4 FA's 20 Marks BOARD EXAM
2 SA's 10 Marks (October) 70 Marks
TOTAL : 30 Marks  
STD. : XI promotion will be decided on the following basis
TOTAL 100 Marks
In case of illness during the Final Examination his / him promotion will be decided on the basis of his performance in the Terminal Examination. There will be no other Examination at a later date.
Students who pass in all subjects in the Final examination will have the right to be promoted to a higher standard.
A pupil who fails to appear in any subject at an Examination will not be entitled to any of the subject prizes. An exemption will be made in the case of prizes for behavior etc. Regular attendance is a must to get any prizes.
Willful breach of any Examination Rules or any dishonesty resorted to is punishable with suspension from the Examination, cancellation of the paper, or dismissal from the school, depends upon the gravity of the offence.
Parents are expected to accept the decision of the school authorities regarding promotions as final.
Admissions to the School is restricted by certain Government regulation and by conditions of age, ability and conduct. Applications for admission will be examined and put in the std. for which they are found fit.
The Principal reserves the right to refuse an application for admission without having to assign reasons for her decisions.
No admission is complete until the Leaving Certificate from the last recognized School attended is produced and countersign by the Educational Inspector of the State, if the pupil comes from the another State. For fresh admission a Birth Certificate is required.
4) No School Leaving Certificate will be issued unless applied for, by the parent/guardian in writing and till all the dues have been paid. Fees are due as long as pupil’s name has remained on the Roll Register. If the School Leaving Certificate is not asked for within 2 years a fee of Rs.100/- will be charged for the same
A Duplicate School Leaving Certificate will be prepared only after an affidavit is produced.
Students failing to pass in any standard may be asked to leave the School when the Principal judges it as a sign of incapacity to cope with the standard required by the School. Students failing twice in the same standard or thrice in different standards must discontinue their study in the School.
Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or defiance of authority, or conduct injurious to the moral tone of the School are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a Student.
Students are responsible to the School Authorities for their conduct both in and outside the School, hence misbehavior in public streets and conveyances is liable to the same action.
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