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School Awards  
Cards for Appreciation are awarded to those students who get 60% of the grand total in the Secondary and Higher Secondary sections.
Primary : Stds. I to III 85%, Std. IV : 80%, Stds. : V to VI : 75%, Std. VII : 70%. They should have received no other card and should have passed in all the subjects.
Prizes are awarded at the end of the year on the same basis as the card and on the condition that the student continues his studies in the School.
Absence from any of the examinations debars a student from obtaining a prize or card.
Regular attendance, good conduct and application to the end of the year are indispensable conditions for any prize.
Prize-winners failing to be present at the Prize Distribution, forfeit their prizes.
Unless stated otherwise, a student is eligible for a prize only if he/she has appeared for and passes in all the subjects in all the examinations, gets a grand total of no less than two thirds of the marks obtainable and continues his/her studies in the School.
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