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Attendance and Leave  
As regular attendance is an important element for successful work, a previous written application for leave must invariably be handed in. In case of illness or other unforeseen circumstances, the student, on returning to School must have the reason of absence certified by the parents or guardian and countersigned by the Class Teacher before he/she enters the class. Applications for leave should be briefly written in the School Calendar alongside the corresponding date of absence.
Absence without leave is penalised with a fine or with any other form of punishment at the Principalís discreation and if a student is absent for 15 days without leave, his/her name may be removed from the class rolls.
100% attendance is compulsory for students to be able to appear in any examination. In case of any serious reason like illness etc... the principal at his discreation may consider only up to 15%. No student may absent himself/herself from any examination or test except when prevented by reason of health, in which case a medical certificate is required.
A student who is late without previous permission will not be admitted to the class unless the reason is recorded on the relevant page of the school calender by the parent.
Children will not be sent home in an emergency with any one who might come for them during school hours, without a written request from the Parent/Guardian responsible whose name has noted in this Diary.
Children who are ill should not be sent to school to attend class or answer the tests. II-health affects the pupil's performance and may also spread contagion. In case of illness, promotion is settled on the basis of the termís work and general performance during the year. No re-exam will be given to any student.
The attendance for the students of Std. X and XII must be above 90% of the total number of working days from June to February.
Irregular attendance or repeated absence renders a student liable for dismissal.
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